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Subaru 2017 Infotainment

Client: Harman Becker/Subaru
Role:UX Consultant
My Deliverables: Annotated Wireframes, Feature Prototypes, UI Comps, UI Assets

In 2015 was contracted as a UX Consultant at Harman Becker to help out with the launch of the 2017 Subaru in vehicle infotainment system. I came in during the home stretch of the design phase to weigh in on interface design, help with testing, and deliver some last minute assets.


Executive Review

While on the Subaru project, I met with the director of design from Subaru Japan and some of his team. We went over the existing design, highlighting weaknesses that could be revisited in the timeframe.

UX Design

Based on our review with the Subaru executives, I was involved in redesigning some UX and UI elements utilized in the infotainment system. Some things I redesigned were icons that tested poorly for recognizability, feature flows, and button placement. My deliveries included wireframes, logic flows, updates to the prototype, and UI assets.


While on the Subaru project I was a part of a moderated A/B test and an unmoderated competitor test. Both of these tests utilized a group of participants that were provided by third-party resource. I was involved in script writing, facilitation/moderation, and writing the end analysis.

Project Highlights

Working with an international team to wrap up a huge project while maintaining a focus on usability.

Struggles Overcame

The Subaru executives were focused on style over usability, so presenting research and testing our designs was paramount. I definitely improved on my ability to ‘sell’ my work to an audience that was not focused on usability.

Work Excerpts

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