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GM Owner Center PayPal Integration

Employer: MRM McCann (contracting at General Motors)
Role: Lead UX Designer
My Deliverables: Annotated Wireframes, Feature Prototypes, UI Comps

Before this project, customers could only purchase OnStar enhanced connectivity packages and vehicle accessories with a single credit card or bank account kept on file, or by using a different credit card for a one time purchase. The goal of this project was to integrate PayPal acceptance as well as allowing customers to store multiple payment methods on file.



The research for this feature was led by the product management team. I worked along side them to complete benchmarking and create user personas and flows.

UX Design

I led the UX part of this feature by designing and overseeing the design of annotated wireframes outlining functionality and structure. During this time we worked closely with system architects from both GM and PayPal to understand back end limitations and security constraints. The UX team met frequently with stakeholders to ensure our concepts were meeting business goals as well as customer needs. Some of the functionality of this feature was highlighted in a clickable prototype to better illustrate the interactions. These assets were used for user testing intermittently throughout the process and were iterated upon based on results

UI Design

After the wireframes and prototypes were approved, I delivered some conceptual UI comps that served as stylistic guidelines and we passed it all to a creative agency that worked on high-resolution screen comps. During this phase, I kept in constant contact with the creative team to ensure that their designs were meeting the functionality outlined by the wireframes.


The completed comps, wireframes, and prototypes were given to an offsite development team to complete this feature. As the UX lead on this project, I spent a lot of time with the developers, working with them to deliver a feature that matched the specs they were given. During this time I even helped solve a PCI compliance issue by writing a few lines of CSS code that allowed an ‘enter payment method’ screen to be launched in a new window, but look like a modal overlay.

Project Highlights

Helping the development team write code to solve a styling issue.

Launching a feature that met business needs as well as providing new value to the customer and an overall better experience.

Struggles Overcame

Designing around the restraints of a dated back-end system and the security limitations that come with online purchasing.

Staying in communication with multiple offsite teams.

Work Excerpts

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