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myChevrolet Apple Watch App

Employer: General Motors
Role: Lead UX Designer
My Deliverables: Annotated Wireframes, Feature Prototypes, UI Comps, UI Assets

As the lead UX designer I worked in a pod structured team with 3 developers, a product manager, and a system architect. We built the app from the ground up in an agile setting. The goal was to launch an app that allowed a user to utilize the connected car features of the mobile app more conveniently.



Pulling analytics from our mobile app, we analyzed the most used features and used benchmarking and focus groups to determine which ones would make the most sense on a watch interface. I spent countless hours familiarizing myself with the human interface guidelines for the Apple Watch in order to design effectively within the domain.

UX/UI Design

This phase consisted of designing wireframes of our mobile app's features for the watch interface. Because of the pod structure, I was able to work with dev teams to get functional prototypes that actually linked with an iPhone produced rapidly. Because of the speed of development and simple UI of the watch interface, the UX team provided production assets for this project.


Testing was performed by our research team and the results drove iteration in the design.


I stayed active with the pod team after design phase was complete participating in sprint planning and demos. Being actively involved with the dev team allowed design changes and assets to be delivered rapidly, just as the dev team was able to quickly turn out prototypes during the design phase.

Project Highlights

Working in a cross-functional pod structured team allowed for quick iteration and rapid development. The smaller size of the pod made communication easy and forced us to quickly build trust within the team.

Struggles Overcame

Designing for the Apple Watch was a completely new domain for me. The limitations are much different than those of a website or mobile app. Designing an app with such little screen space reiterated the importance of simplicity and intuition in software interfaces.

Work Excerpts

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