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myChevrolet Android Wear Concept

Employer: General Motors
Role: Lead UX Designer
My Deliverables: Wireframes, Feature Prototypes, UI Comps

After the successful launch of the myChevrolet Apple Watch App, I began working on a concept for an Android Wear companion app. The launch of Android Wear 2.0 improved many software and interface restraints of previous builds, it was the perfect time to bring our app into this domain.



The launch of Android Wear 2.0 brought welcome improvements but also meant there was a lot to learn. Most of my research time was spent learning the new OS, and internalizing the Material Design guidelines for this domain. There were a lot of lessons learned during the design and development of myChevrolet for Apple Watch. Although Apple Watch is very different from Android Wear, there was still valuable information regarding wearable interactions that proved to be relevant.


Designing the app for Android Watch was done in Axure, using hybrid wireframes that followed Material Design principles. App features were built into prototypes to showcase interaction.

Project Highlights

Working with Android Wear 2.0 was new and engaging. The meticulous Material Design guidelines helped us design and iterate rapidly.

Struggles Overcame

Many interactions that feel natural on a watch interface seem confusing as a flat design. Using prototypes allowed us clearly communicate the watch experience with stakeholders.

Work Excerpts

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